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Why everyone needs to wear masks?

by Expedited PPE |

According to a Japanese study, droplets contains coronavirus can suspend in the air for more than 3 hours. It can suspend in the air longer indoors. Supermarkets, banks, restaurants, and office spaces all could be contaminated.

Wearing a mask can prevent you produce those droplets, also it can prevent you from breathing in those droplets.

Stationary worker that needs to talk to another person such as bank tellers,  cashiers, should have a physical barrier and wear N95 mask to achieve the best results.

Micro droplets suspending in air from MixonK on Vimeo.

Why Not Home Made Cloth Mask?

CDC recommends homemade cloth masks, however, according to a government study BY NIH and NCBI, it's only for the last resort. Surgical masks are 3 times more effective than homemade cloth masks. Cloth attracts and keeps moisture, droplet is a form of moisture.

A mask is required because they work. Wearing a mask is becoming mandatory in many cities across the United States.

LA mayor orders customers to wear face masks when shopping

Why you need N95 or KN95 mask even you are not a medical staff?

If you can not practice social distancing, you have to have a person to person contact or you have to talk to customers. You need N95 or KN95 mask. 

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