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The Importance of PPE During Reopening Phases

by Expedited PPE |

Why PPE Matters As the World Returns to Normal  

The coronavirus flipped the world as we knew it upside down. 

Our offices and workspaces closed, our favorite restaurants shut down, and we (most of us, anyway) shuttered ourselves indoors, trying to limit our exposure to people, attempting to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone around us as safe as possible. 

The essential workers who had no choice but to report for duty continued working like nothing had changed, protecting themselves with PPE (otherwise known as personal protective equipment). Many of us, even non-essential workers, did everything we could to find PPE and medical supply products in order to keep ourselves and everyone around us as safe as possible. 

But when everything was shut down—states, cities, our offices, stores, etc.—there was a certain level of safety that was inherently built into that system, especially for non-essential folks who didn’t have to go into work. 

Having PPE on-hand was important, it was another step that could keep you safe amid the chaos of COVID-19. But because you were staying home and limiting your exposure to people, germs, and the potential of contracting the virus, PPE wasn’t as vital. 

But now that the world is reopening and things are starting to (slowly) return to normal, that built-in safety net is dissolving piece by piece, and PPE has become more important than ever. 

People starting to lighten up social distancing.

Now, states and cities are reopening in phases. A majority of people have returned to work. A chunk of the population has let their guard down, bit by bit, and have started to return to life as normal.

We’re not commenting on this slow return to normal as a bad thing—but we do think it’s vital to mention that just because things are beginning to reopen, the virus has not disappeared. It’s still important—actually more important than ever—to do everything you can to protect yourself, the people around you, and limit exposure as often as possible.

In other words, with everything reopening PPE is more necessary than ever. 


If Everything is Reopening, Is PPE Still Important?

The short answer? Absolutely. Yes. One hundred percent. 

But you didn’t come here for the short answer—you came here for a proper explanation, and that’s exactly what we intend to give you. 

While we could probably talk endlessly about why PPE matters and how it helps to keep your friends, family, and others around you as safe as possible, we’re sharing our top three reasons that PPE is absolutely essential right now during the early stages of reopening. 

Mask is very necessary during reopening phases


Social Interaction Will Have to Increase—Even if You Wish It Wouldn’t

As things reopen and we return to normal life, many of us will go back to work, fall back into our old habits, and even altruistically do everything we can to patronize the shops, stores, and restaurants that desperately need our support. 

But as things go back to normal, many of us are forced to lighten up our social distancing, meaning we’ll have more forced social interaction at play.  As we know, and as confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this means that we’re increasing the probability of person-to-person spread

We believe there are three pillars every person can abide by to help limit the spread and exposure of the virus: 

  • Practicing social distancing 
  • Wearing proper PPE, masks, and medical supply products
  • Frequently washing your hands 

Three ways to prevent getting COVID-19

If we’re unable to control one of these factors—the social distancing, in this case—it becomes increasingly important that we abide by the remaining two to best protect ourselves and those around us. 


People Will Likely Return to Normal Habits 

While we certainly wish that one day things could return to normal, the fact of the matter is, the current state of the world isn’t normal. While things reopen and we all return to our lives, it becomes more important than ever that we don’t slip back to our normal habits. 

Washing hands, limiting social exposure, and wearing PPE continue to be vital—but only you can control what you do. Everyone else is out of your control. 

As people return to normal habits—not washing hands as frequently, touching surfaces without thought, having social contact—it becomes even more important to lean heavily on PPE and masks to protect ourselves, especially when others aren’t. 

PPE allows us to limit our exposure and slow the spread of the virus—especially when we’re unable to rely on one of our pillars. 

PPE allows us to limit our exposure and slow the spread of the virus


Everyday Factors Won’t All Be Within Your Control 

When everything was closed, we had a semblance of control over the way we lived our lives. But as everything reopens and many of us are forced to return to work, school, and our daily lives before COVID-19, we lose a bit of that control. 

We can’t ensure that every surface in every place we go has been sanitized. We can’t guarantee that every person we come into contact with is following the three pillars. 

When we choose to wear PPE during the reopening phases, we’re choosing to continue protecting ourselves in a time where the virus could spread faster than ever. 

The entire reason everything closed in the United States wasn’t to “cure the pandemic”—instead, it was to flatten the curve. With our social distancing and quarantine efforts, many areas in the U.S. have done just that. But, if we return to our normal lives acting as if the virus isn’t still lurking and we don’t take the necessary precautions, we run the risk of a new surge or wave in infections and we put ourselves and everyone else at risk.

Expedited PPE is here to help educate and prepare you—both with knowledge and with reliable, quality, compliant PPE and medical supply products that you can trust. 

Not sure what kind of masks, medical supply product, or PPE you need to best protect yourself? Visit our virtual learning center here with information on the types of PPE we offer and learn which might be the best fit for you. 

Have questions for us? Contact us here—we’re more than happy to help.

Remember, we’re all in this together—with social distancing, quality PPE, frequent handwashing, and looking out for each other, we can keep ourselves and those around us safe. Check out Expedited PPE’s offerings here to see which type of PPE is the best fit for you. 

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