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Learn About PPE

by Expedited PPE |

Which Type of PPE Mask is Best for You?: The Different Types of Medical Supply PPE You Should Know About


Find Difference in N95 Mask, KN95 mask and Surgical Mask

Infographic on Mask Efficiency


Which Mask is Right For You?

Who should wear it Exposure potential Other Types of PPE
N95 Mask: FDA Cleared & NIOSH Approved Doctors, nurses, first responders, and the highest exposure potentials Highest. Close contact with COVID-19 patients and the highest contamination areas. Face shields, gowns, goggles, protective suits, gloves, and other PPE are also required.
N95 MASK: FDA Cleared Medical staff at clinics, nursing home staff, dentists, police, firefighters with high exposure potential. High. Jobs that require close contact with individuals who may or may not have the virus. Face shields, gloves, and goggles are recommended on top of wearing a mask.
KN95 Mask Listed Under FDA EUA 04/04/20 Bus and delivery drivers, restaurant staff, janitors, store staff, bank tellers, cashiers, construction workers, etc. Moderate. Jobs that will have contact with individuals who may or may not have the virus. Face shields, gloves, and other products that might be recommended for those who talk with customers in a close space.
Surgical Masks Meet FDA Individuals who can practice social distancing at work and in their daily life. Low. An individual who has a job that allows practice of social distancing. The individual has the option and privilege to social distance. Not recommended except when gloves might be necessary.

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